Public Art: Mosaics created
by the community 

Our current project is located at Memorial Park in Hendersonville, TN. This public art project is sponsored by Borderless Arts Tennessee and a few other organizations,  and consists of mosaic designs created by the residents of Sumner County. All ages of participants took part in workshops in our studio and at the park to help create 12 mosaic walls located in the park. Scheduled to be completed this summer, these walls reflect life in Hendersonville and will help to beautify the park for generations to come.


Thank you so much!.

"My kiddos had a great time creating their mosaics as part of this beautiful
project you have going on. We are all excited and ready to see the final results.

I know this will turnout beautiful and be a great part of Memorial Park.
Thank you so much!"  — Maria, Hendersonville Resident